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About the hologram place

This site is considered our DIRECT FACTORY OUTLET to consumers and smaller retail stores. Our main business is higher volume commercial holography for business to business use. At The Hologram Place, we offer the highest quality holograms for retail, wholesale and low volume commercial use. All products are shown at single item pricing. If you are interested in wholesale, imprinted promotional holograms or larger volume purchases of any kind, please contact us via e-mail at info@hologramplace.com or call at 888/247-5277.

Personal Bio of the Seller

I have been producing commercial holography for 30 years. One could say that I eat, drink and sleep holography and am known around the world as one of the foremost authorities regarding commercial applications for display type holograms. I also own one of the largest collections of fine and commercial art holograms, as well as a multitude of mass-production holograms of various types.

I was a licensed agent for Polaroid's holographic division from the mid 1980s to the time they closed in about 1997, at which time I purchased the bulk of their stock - some of which is for sale in my auctions (and more to come). To this day, my main business is in holography related applications, including custom commercial photopolymer holograms.

The information stated in the descriptions is always accurate to the best of my knowledge (please let me now if you notice any inaccuracies).

The photopolymer holograms I offer in my auctions are some of the finest examples of true 3D commercial (mass-produced) holograms in the world, and rare in that once the existing supply is exhausted, most will never be made again (as the masters were destroyed long ago). For the embossed type holograms I sell, the most expensive were replicated (embossed) on old hard embossing equipment in the USA and UK and will never be made again on that type equipment, where my lower cost listings are still good reproductions but not quite as bright and may have more imperfections as they were embossed on the compliant rollers of newer equipment (in this case, old school is better but an art that has dissapeared for lack of enough commercial call).

Also, I own most (or, in some cases all) of the world's stock of the holograms that I offer. All packages are branded in our own trademark, as it is our packaging - though the original hologram masters were made at scores of different facilities around the globe. All these products I either licenced the repllication rights for or purchased from original manufacturers who are no longer in business.

I have a large inventory of holograms, so offering them for resale on the internet seems a good way to allow people interested in holograms to attain examples of high quality holograms at affordable prices. Art holograms (mainly on glass plates and often much larger) range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars per piece.

Please contact me directly with any questions; or, let me know if you are seeking a particular hologram you have seen, as I may have (or know where to get) it. Also please inquire if you are interested in wholesale or commercial applications of holography. I will respond to all requests in a timely manner. Thank you for considering my holograms and hologram products, and I hope you enjoy your purchases!